Effective approach

With our wealth of experience, we deliver to all our patients, an effective approach in health diagnostics. We take pride in providing quality services.

Advanced Technology

We are always working hard, leaving no stones unturned when examining our patients. Our advanced technologies go hand in hand with effective results.

Appointments only

Our organized appointment booking system helps us to create easy and effective environment to communicate with our clients.

20+ years experience

Experienced professionals

With over 20 years of experience in this field, we believe in using Evidence based medicine and best practice. Our motto is to provide high quality efficient care.

Gayatri Buredo


"At Orion Specialist Centre we are transparent and provide quality service for your better health."

Dr. Gayatri Borude
Director of OSC

Every woman should have personalized, attentive gynaecological care depending on her unique needs and stage of life and Dr Borude takes pride in doing just that.