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Uterine Septum & Mullerian Anomalies

Congenital Uterine Anomalies (CUAs), also known as Mullerian anomalies and uterine septum is included in them. They may be found during routine evaluation of infertility or recurrent miscarriages. They may be completely asymptomatic or be associated with abnormal uterine bleeding pelvic pain, Recurrent miscarriages, recurrent implantation failure with IVF.

20-30% of women with CUAs have renal anomalies and can also be associated with inguinal hernias and so renal ultrasound is important in these cases.

Types of CUAs:

  • Septate (most common)
  • Bicornuate
  • Unicornuate
  • Didelphys
  • Agenesis

Diagnosis can be made from history, thorough pelvic examination, blood work up for karyotyping and ultrasound scan of the pelvis.

  • 2D ultrasound of pelvis and renal system
  • 3D sonohysterogram is also very helpful
  • Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy may be needed for diagnosis and treatment depending on the type of the anomaly.
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